Retreats and Presentations

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”    -Jesus  (Mark 6:31b)

No group retreats are currently being offered.  However, I can help your group or congregation with classes, workshops, sermons, retreats, and more.  I have given presentations on the following, but am happy to work with your group on whatever topic(s) you have in mind.

Prayer, Spiritual Growth, Grieving, Gratitude, Lectio Divina, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, Social Justice, Advent, Christmas Spirituality, Family Spirituality, Spiritual Care for the Caregiver

I am available for both large and small group engagements, and can help with anything from event planning assistance to giving a one-time presentation, to fully planning and leading an extended retreat.

“Kili is a gifted speaker and presented valuable information in ways that I can remember and use.  Her agenda was the perfect mix of lecture, activities, and breaks.”  –Danna W., a Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Retreat participant

The three retreat formats listed below are typically (though not always) utilized by individuals.  These are available on an as-needed basis, and all feature individualized scheduling, need-assessment, and guidance.  All are available throughout the year.  Please contact me if you are or your group is interested in scheduling a retreat.

Busy Person’s Retreat:  This is the perfect retreat for someone looking for a way of carving out some special time for reflection and refocusing without actually leaving town. In addition to attending four to six weekly private sessions, the retreatant agrees to set aside approximately 30 minutes per day of personal prayer time, with prayer suggestions and guidance provided by retreat director.  Dates and times are scheduled around work and other commitments so that the retreat weaves seamlessly into daily life. This retreat offers a great introduction to the experience of spiritual direction and is customized to the specific discernment or spiritual exploration needs/desires of each participant.  It can be easily adapted for groups.

Silent Directed Retreat:  This retreat offers the opportunity truly to “get away from it all.”  Retreatants spend anywhere from two to eight days in exquisitely restful yet intense self-exploration and prayer.  Outside of daily guidance and processing sessions with the retreat director, observation of silence is recommended both to facilitate prayer and to provide an experience of “input detox.”  Location and dates are very flexible and are determined mutually by the retreatant and director.

Retreat in Daily Life:  Based on the timeless and proven 16th century retreat exercises of Saint Ignatius, this retreat format provides the retreatant weekly guidance and accountability as he or she embarks on a journey of daily prayer exercises designed to cultivate a retreat-like mentality in the midst of daily life.  Though participants are able to enjoy this retreat experience without leaving town or taking time off from work or family commitments, one considering this retreat option should be prepared to commit to at least ten weeks of daily prayer guided by weekly, individual 45-minute sessions with the retreat director.