Meet Kili Wenburg

I grew up in Beaver City, NE, and have resided in Hastings, NE, since 2004.  I received both my Master’s degree in theology and my certification in “Spiritual Direction and Directed Retreats” from Creighton University.  I and my husband, Justin, and our two children are members of the First Presbyterian Church of Hastings, but my spiritual direction practice is not housed in nor affiliated with any particular congregation or denomination.

At Creighton I was trained in the contemplative-evocative style of spiritual direction.  The “contemplative” side of that refers to the style of the sessions:  each one is like a mini-retreat — prayerful, restful, providing the directee the safe and sacred space to look deeply at his or her experiences in order to recognize, savor, and respond to God’s presence within those experiences.  The “evocative” side refers to the approach of the director:  rather than telling the directee what he or she should do, the director is trained to ask questions that evoke the directee’s own inner wisdom.  Religious experience is different for each person, and, as a spiritual director, it is my task and my joy to journey with a directee as he or she learns to recognize and integrate his or her own particular relationship with the divine Spirit.

I was raised in the United Methodist church, worshipped in a non-denominational church in college, studied theology at a Catholic university, and now attend a Presbyterian church, so I have observed and can appreciate a wide range of ways of talking about and experiencing God.  I am grateful for this breadth of experience, and I am trilled to add to it as I become familiar with the unique experiences of each new directee.