Is Spiritual Direction Right for Me?

“A spiritual director…is not a counselor, a therapist, or an analyst, but a mature fellow Christian to whom we choose to be accountable for living our spiritual life and from whom we can expect prayerful support in our constant struggle to discern God’s activity.”     -Henri Nouwen

Spiritual direction may be a good fit for you if…

…you think of yourself as a spiritual seeker.

…you seek a closer relationship with God.

…you seek to integrate spirituality into daily life.

…you want a better prayer life.

…you feel something is missing from life.

…you need someone to help in prayerfully discerning a call of God for you.

…you desire to identify and trust your own experiences of God.

The spiritual direction encounter does not seek to “fix” the directee or the directee’s life.  Rather, patient and prayerful attention is given to the development of one’s ability to recognize God’s movements in one’s life and then to work through challenges or unfreedoms that make following God’s movements difficult.  In this lifetime, one cannot “complete” the spiritual journey…whether advanced or beginners, we are continuously invited to take the “next step” into deeper intimacy with the divine.  Spiritual direction can help you discern the next step for you.