Why Journey Alone?

Whether life feels more like an exciting adventure, a gloomy assignment or somewhere in between, it can be very helpful to have a companion to provide encouragement, accountability, and assistance with navigating and processing the inevitable twists and turns of one’s life journey.

My calling as a spiritual director enables me to provide that kind of companionship.  I work with people of all ages and all religious backgrounds, helping them to learn to recognize God’s voice in their hearts and to find ways to respond authentically to that voice.

Spiritual direction is an ancient practice to which Americans are currently being re-introduced.  Though not the same as a counselor or a life coach, a spiritual director offers similar services which help individuals look deeply and lovingly at their life experiences, seeking to integrate both positive and negative experiences into a more whole sense of Self.

Please take a moment to explore the information on this web site via the links to the right, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any interest at all in exploring how spiritual direction might enhance your life journey.  After all, why journey alone?